Monday, March 5, 2012

100 Videos

I finally hit my first landmark on Vimeo.  100 videos and within the next few days, 25,000 plays on my videos.  I had an idea about what I'd do when I got to 100 since the start of the year.  I knew the title would simply be called "100", and I was tossing about shooting something that was all about the number 100, or a compilation video.  I ended up leaning towards a compilation video because though by and large I'm happy with a lot of the videos I upload, they're all run and gun shoots, so there's always things I'm happy with and things I'm not happy with.  (Posting stuff there's just a hobby for me, so in the end if something's less than perfect, I don't lose any sleep over it.)  I thought it'd be nice for me to have one video up that I can say I like all of the shots in it for one reason or another and it grabs me.

So that settled it for me.  100 would be a compilation video.  Since I no longer have a HDV camera, that meant I didn't have access to all of the raw footage I took, but I still had the 1080p M2T master files that I made 720p Xvid files out of for upload.  Some scenes had titles burned into them, but in the end, if I loved the shot, then a title burned in didn't matter to me.  It'd still make the grade.  I went though all 99 videos I uploaded onto my account from start to finish looking for shots that grabbed me.  Once I settled on the shots I liked, then I found the music that'd accompany the visuals and started putting it together.  Editing was pretty straight forward and quick, since the shots were already graded.  One funny thing is I pulled some shots out of 32°F for this video, but I mastered 32°F after I mastered this.  So in a way this really is video 99, and 32°F is video 100, but it's all about the order they were uploaded to me.

What memories stand out for me from the 2 years and 7 months worth of filming I've done for my Vimeo account?  Last fall, walking along an old deserted railway line that had the tracks lifted with all of the fall colors around me was pretty awesome.  (Relic Along The Trail)  That was one of the nicer experiences.  I remember really freezing my butt off shooting Winter Waterfront since the weather had really dropped that day and the wind had picked up pretty good.  I didn't know what I was in for when I went out to film, that's for sure!  ;)  I remember the day when I went and filmed Deteriorated and Crumbled Dreams, I had the complete opposite problem.  It was over 30°C, not including the humidity that day, but I knew where I was going had a serious black fly and deer fly problem, so I geared up with the outer shell of my winter coat and made sure I was covered head to toe.  Sure enough, the second I parked the car, it was swarmed with so many of those pests that I couldn't count how many there were.  All I could do as I grabbed my gear was listen to hundreds of small smacks as they flew into the car's windows, trying to get in.  I was about 2.5 hours filming both of these locations, and I never took off my gear because those blood sucking parasites were always around, except when I was inside the houses filming.  I forgot to bring something to drink with me, but I was committed to filming, and I figured I'd shoot until I was done or the heat got the best of me.  I got all the shots I wanted of both locations, and got back into the car, getting away from a swarm of a hundred black and deer flies that were all upset they never got a lunch out of me.  I was drenched in sweat and starting feeling the signs of heatstroke, so I put the car in gear, got away from there and vowed to never wear a nylon jacket with a hoodie in the Summer time again.  But the best memory for me is just this: I've been to a lot of really cool places and noticed so many things I probably wouldn't have if I wasn't going out to do these videos.  So the experience of doing it is probably the best memory for me.

Check out video # 100:

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